2000w Brushless Combo Kit

mit SSS Steuergerät (System Safety Security) der Scooter beschleunigt von 0-100% dosiert, und nicht 100% auf einen Schlag, somit wird ein durchschmoren der Steuereinheit vermieden.

Maximum speed 40Km / h *

autonomy 50Km

electric ignition lock with keys

4 batteries 48v 12A

reinforced frame folding and reclining

removable seat

chain drive

Dimensions folded 132x32x52 height

maximum load capacity

aluminum rims

load capacity 150Kg

Tires 6 '' with GIANT tire

front disc brake reinforced daisy

disc rear brake reinforced daisy

Non-slip saddle

monoshock front single arm reinforced

double rear suspension

reinforced frame


removable battery compartment


charger jack

reinforced chain and increased

* N.B. The speed and performance of the vehicle are carried out on the test bench. Actual performance may be affected by the load carried and the road surface 

This vehicle is not approved for road traffic, but should only be used on private or on tracks reserved circuits spaces. Allow children to ride the bike only under supervision by an adult. All our motorcycles or quad bikes are not toys, but sports. They are manufactured in compliance with CE and ISO9000, they are subjected to continuous quality control.

Buy only the BEST

Safety first.

Our quads are the SAFE on the market, since they are the only ones who possess:

power 1900

The brushless 2000w engine  power combined with 4 48v battery and all other components of our exclusive, delivers a maximum power rating of 2500w, making sure that the product in question is the most powerful in the world.

Wheel with tire plus 6 ''

Versatile type of wheel / tires that are well suited to any terrain guaranteeing excellent grip.

Brake front and rear disc

Reinforced, efficient and safe, as all the rest of the components

ITALY Warranty 24 MONTHS


Wird Ohne Straßenzulassung verkauft.

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Corse 2000w Brushless


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